Transmission Fluid Drain Plug Crush Washer for Honda Accord Acura Civic Ridgeline Odyssey CRV CR-V Pilot Fit Element, for The Part # 94109-20000 90471-PX4-000, Pack of 10 pcs 4.7 out of … Hodakaguy . Condition is New. WASHER, DRAIN PLUG (14MM) 94109-14000 Drain plug Crush Washer It is recommended to replace this 14mm crush washer on the Oil Drain Plug bolt EVERY time you change the oil in your Honda or Acura vehicle! Brand: Honda. Customer Reviews. There are a couple things missing, but most everything is here. One of the best ways to enhance the enjoyment of your new Honda is to read this manual. I would also recommend the Honda fluid, and I installed new crush washers on the drain/fill plugs but that isn't even really a must. Make sure to torque the bolts to proper specs. Fits all Honda manual transmission fill plugs; 20 millimeter crush washer; Specifications. 20-Pack Transmission Fluid Drain Plug Crush Washer compatible with Honda Replacement for Part #90471-PX4-000 works with Accord Acura Civic Ridgeline Odyssey CRV CR-V Pilot Fit Element 4.6 out of 5 stars 289. Genuine Honda Fluid 08200-9008 ATF-DW1 Automatic Transmission Fluid, 1 … CDN$17.39. You are supposed to fill up the trans until the oil starts dripping out of that hole. Honda Manual Transmission Fluid: Crush Washers: Torque Wrench: Quart Fluid Pump: In this video I ... How To Change the Manual Transmission Fluid on a 2008 or 2007 Honda Fit Sport Cheap insurance and then you don't have to worry about it. 20-Pack Transmission Fluid Drain Plug Crush Washer compatible with Honda for Part #90471-PX4-000 works with Accord Acura Civic Ridgeline Odyssey CRV CR-V Pilot Fit Element 4.6 out of 5 stars 290 1 offer from $17.90 This stops those pesky oil drips in the driveway that everyone hates. This is for manual only. Re-install the drain bolt with a new crush washer. Reactions: brucepick and greentrees. Even by Honda’s official standards you have already done the coolant twice and the brake fluid once before they “recommend” you change the trans fluid at the 90k service. My 8th Gen Owner's Manual pdf says that 8th Gen I4 takes 2.6 US quart(2.5 L) at change. Shipped with USPS First Class Package. Here is a pic from the wheel well of the transmission case and drain and fill bolts. Figure 4. A 20 mm crush washer (Honda Part No. Those are harmful. I have theorized that that extra plate is there to stop the aluminum crush washers from digging into the softer magnesium. Dispose of any old or excess transmission fluid at an approved recycling center. It should be bolthead-washer-pipeend-washer-transmission. Ask a question . The trans only holds a little less than two, but few fluid pumps reach all the way to the bottom of a container so some consolidation will need to be done and some will be lost on a clean fluid rinse. The small 3/8 ratchet actually hooks right up to the drain bolt itself (square hole). Customer Q&A. Write a review. One of the best ways to enhance the enjoyment of your new Honda is to read this manual. Are you sure you installed washers on BOTH sides of the fitting? Get specific details about this product from customers who own it. This is probably one of the most overlooked fluid changes out there, I mean really how often do you ever, or hear of people changing it. Honda HCF-2 Transmission Fluid w/ Crush Washer (4 Quarts). Also includes a 20mm crush washer 94109-20000 [for upper fill bolt] and a 14mm crush washer 94109-14000 [for lower drain bolt]. Genuine Honda Transmission / Gearbox Drain & Fill Washers. Seat cover removal shown here. Do not flush your Honda automatic transmission with the flushing service any shop may provide. Honda HCF-2 CVT Transmission fluid For all Honda CVT transmission 4x 1quart Includes crush washer Brand new Purchased from Honda dealer Paid 12.99 each quart show contact info. Download Ebook Honda Manual Transmission Fluid Check Honda Manual Transmission Fluid Check Eventually, you will entirely discover a ... extra crush washers which are the same for the transmission drain and fluid level check plugs, 94109-2000(20mm) and 90471-PX4-000(18mm). Honda uses aluminum crush washers with the drain bolt. This is suitable for all models Please just enter your registration number or chassis number (VIN) when adding to the cart and we will send the correct sizes for your vehicle. (all are Honda part numbers) * Oil is Pro Honda GN4, SAE 10w-30 SJ, Pt# 08c35-a131m02 (page 233 of the Goldwing Manual says you'll need 4.9 qts, page 156 says 3.9 qts) * Honda Oil filter and included oil filter wrench (it's a set), Pt# 15010-mce-h51 * Oil drain bolt crush washer, Pt# 94109-12000 (you'll need 1) Check out the deal on Subaru (OEM) Transmission Drain Plug Crush Washer, '02-'20 WRX & '04-'20 STi at OAKOS Automotive All have crush washers Drain 14mm (same as oil drain) 94109-14000 Both fills 20mm 94109-20000 I buy them in packs of 10 from Amazon. Can anyone confirm they are the same as those for the rear differential as posted elsewhere? Genuine Honda MTF Manual Transmission Fluid Change Kit. Reactions: WhiteHatch527 , Whiting087 and Swordfish What are the crush washer sizes and part numbers for the fluid level check and drain bolts? Manual trans fluid change. The 2002 service manual says they should be 21 lb/ft for a 2002 transmission. Automatics have a larger drain washer (18mm) and fill from the dipstick hole. You might not require more epoch to spend to go to the books introduction as without difficulty as search for them. 3. These 20mm crush washers are fully functional replacements for the OEM installed washers for Honda transmission and differential fill/drain plugs. Page 255 NOTICE Petrol models Specified fluid: Honda Manual Transmission Fluid (MTF) If Honda MTF is not available, you may use the API certificated SAE 10W-30, 10W-40, 0W-20 or 5W-20 Have a dealer check the fluid level and replace if necessary. Be the first to review this item! Ask a question. All fluid is new/clean, but the 3rd bottle has been opened with slightly more than half of the fluid used. 3 quarts of Honda Manual Transmission Fluid (MTF) (Honda Part No. - Drain Plug Washer - Fill Plug Washer Here's a photo of the tools and parts I used. Manual Transmission 14mm (1ea) and 20 mm (1ea) Coolant Block Drain 28mm Auto transmission 18mm (1ea) O'reilly Auto carries the 14 and 20 mm sizes 14mm part# Dorman 65292 (Honda part# 94109-14000) 20mm part# Dorman 65277 (Honda part# 94109-20000) Some say the diff might have an 18mm I can't find the spec for the 1999-2001 transmission, but its a fair bet its the same. If you do it 3 times as many do here, then you need about 8 bottles(8 quarts). Also seen are the two crush washers. Change your Engine Oil like a PRO and replace the Oil Drain Plug crush washer every time. I have for sale 2 NEW (unopened) quarts and about 14 oz left in a 3rd bottle of Honda MANUAL transmission fluid. viscosity motor oil as a … Featured Video: How to Change Manual Transmission Fluid in Civic Page 8/9. and funnel, fill the tranny back up using 2 quarts of Genuine Honda manual transmission fluid until it begins to drip out the filler hole, then re-install the filler hole bolt with a new crush washer. 4. Kit Includes 3 quarts of Honda MTF Manual Fluid, Genuine Honda 20mm drain plug washer,Genuine Honda 14mm drain plug washer, pair of gloves, 1 oil dry pad (may vary in color), and sheet of mechanic blue paper towel. Use a torque wrench to tighten this bolt to 33 lb-ft. 8. CTR manual transmission crush washer: 20mm '16 civic ex-t: prl stage 1 intake, progress sway, ctr subframe brace, sirimoto strut bar, si wheels, si steering wheel, 3m crystalline. That is the filler hole for the tranny. The larger is the fill bolt crush washer, the smaller is the drain bolt crush washer (the same as the engine oil pan drain bolt crush washer). 2001 Blue Insight MT 2010 KTM 530 EXC 1938 Piper J3-50. 08798-9031). Sizes vary from 14mm, 18mm, or 20mm. Install the filler bolt with a new washer and torque it to 33 ft/lbs or just tight. Honda is preferred.) Sent from my SM-G920V using Tapatalk - 2+ quarts of Honda Manual Transmission Fluid (or MTF of your choice. How To Check Manual Transmission Fluid Honda Civic This is likewise one of the factors by obtaining the soft documents of this how to check manual transmission fluid honda civic by online. Helps to know the parts guy at the dealership. Re-install the oil filler plug with a new 20 mm washer, which can be purchased from Honda for about sixty cents. If you notice in your first pic there is a 17mm nut with a crush washer above and towards the back of the transmission. A lot of people ask me the question, can I reuse crush washers? 94109-20000). As far as I am concerned, the rating for a simple component like a crush washer is binary - it either does the job, or it fails. Using a tube (is it 3/8?) It's a good idea to buy 3 quarts of fluid or have some spare fluid or motor oil handy. With the right technique of making sure they are flat, you can.

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