We will reply you instantly and help you solve your problem. It is crazy hard, though, I am guessing due to the nature of the European scrape. They can be played on for 5-15 intervals at a time and should be left to dry outside of the case. Brand new reeds that are a little stiff and need to be broken in. Yes, the Légère reeds are very promising, but their prices are astronomically high, unfortunately. Experimentation around reed design, and the technology to make them, has really excelled in recent years. Good Accessory: High quality and long span life. A forum community dedicated to saxophone players and enthusiasts bought to you by Harri Rautiainen. Many boxes of 10 reeds will have 2-3 great reeds, 3-4 playable reeds and a few that I throw away seconds after testing them. As long as the reed is not cracked in the back, heart, or tip, a crack at the base indicates a hard piece of cane that will often offer desirable qualities. Synthetic reeds are consistent. I was taught how to do it by my wonderful oboe teacher, Douglas Heffer, more than forty-two years go. The Legere oboe reeds are out and available for order from Forrest's. This will prolong the life of the reed because bacteria in your mouth can break down the reed faster. Marlin Lesher Reed … Some of our double reed endorsing artists have said that with proper rotation, they can last about 6 or so. How long does a reed last? With so many on the market, it’s become increasingly easy to find the right one for you. Signature Series reeds are made from a stiffer material and are cut thinner than our Classic reeds. There are ways of predicting which reeds will play best. The reed is characterized by a slightly shorter and wider vamp that is comfortable in the embouchure. Sale Price: $115.00 Original Price: $145.00 . Material: Reed. Come join the discussion about collections, care, displays, models, styles, reviews, accessories, classifieds, and more! You should only switch reeds if you feel the need in between different types of pieces such as a very soft reed for a technical piece and a very hard reed for … It sounds like a cane oboe reed. The tip of the reed is flexible and can produce a full spectrum of overtones with minimum effort. They will hand-scrape the final adjustments for quality. Synthetic reeds lack the 'great' response you find in those few great cane reeds, but also lack the throw away need. Due to the light and screen setting difference, the item's color may be slightly different from the pictures. Store purchased reeds (or machine-made reeds) are picked from any available cane source and scraped using a machine that simply profiles off a specified amount. … Légère Reeds produces premium synthetic reeds for clarinet, saxophone, bassoon and oboe. He can make it last longer if he handles well. Learn how your comment data is processed. More specifically, Légère reeds. ... Oboe Wind & Woodwind Instrument Reeds, Légère Reeds Oboe Wind & Woodwind Instrument Reeds, Thicker reeds, like English horn reeds, may need to soak longer then oboe reeds. English horn reeds are thicker and therefore can last … Read my article on high altitude reeds to learn more about high altitude reed making. I recommend students start making reeds in high school, especially if they are considering playing in college. An oboist practicing for 2 hours every day, playing in several college ensembles, and taking lessons may get less … I’m not a professional who practices all day so I expect a long life. European Scrape Oboe Reed. If the reeds are handled in a rough manner, then you cannot expect wonders. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. 3. Very strong pieces of cane occasionally crack slightly during the tying process. English horn reeds are thicker and therefore can last up to several weeks. 19-mar-2019 - Explora el tablero de soledad de val "Oboistas" en Pinterest. Do not to over soak reeds. A 'normal' reed usually lasts around 20 hours of actual playing. Reeds made at low altitude can be adjusted for higher elevations, but when the extra cane is removed the reeds may become unstable, close down, and leak. They seem to be designed after the same shape, which is slightly narrower than a … ... Legere European Scrape Oboe Reed - Medium Model: LEDREOM ORG. Numerous elite high school and college marching bands tell us that Légère reeds usually last their woodwind musicians for an entire semester. While some adjustments can be made, issues that arise such as poor quality cane, leaking sides, small openings, and too much cane taken out of the back and sides will be difficult, if not impossible, to fix. The plastic used is polypropylene, which is approved for use by the FDA for use in direct food contact applications, so these reeds are completely safe to use. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your WordPress.com account. A hand finished oboe reed means the reed maker picked the cane, tied it themselves, and used a profile machine to take the first layer of cane off. I have one, which I do like, especially for doubling as I don't have to worry about the reed drying out if it sits on the stand too long … It is lightweight with compact size, easy for carry and storage, practical and convenient to use. Rotating them for sure will extend their life. Place in warm water for 1 minute, remove from the water and let sit for … Reeds they change daily depending on use and the weather, and can become accidentally damaged. I use a woodwind sanitizing solution called Sterisol on all reeds during lessons. Legere reeds. Double-reeds … Due to the fact that polypropylene is non-porous, it is very difficult for bacteria to build on your reed. But they are pretty expensive and the reeds don’t last that long. Légère reeds are made for saxophone, cl arinet, and bassoon, and range significantly in price from $27.77 (Eb Alto Studio Cu t) to $149.95 (Bassoon Reed) . 2. Consumer Opinions. Bassoon reeds should be emerged entirely in water for about 3-5 minutes. Bringing you better playing performance. As you go higher in elevation there are two factors to consider, the elevation and humidity level. Neither are the plastic oboe or bassoon reeds currently on the market. The reed can be cleaned periodically with water and a mild detergent. Over soaking fibers will also shorten the life of the reed. Bassoonists now have good opportunities to buy ready-made reeds. Worst of all: bassoons do the same thing but with less pressure. Only you can decide if this is worth it, but I do know of several professional players who keep a Légère as a backup in their bassoon or reed case. I think how long they last is a function of how hard you blow, what strength you use, and how open the mouthpiece tip is. Guy Légère and Dr. Mark Kortschot with a mission to bring high-end synthetic reeds … Synthetic reed Professionals prefer our Signature Series reeds, which produce a warm, rich tone in all registers. Reeds that leak or are too closed should be examined by a teacher. Read my article on high altitude reeds to learn more about high altitude reed making. Soaking for too long will cause the cane fibers to swell which will inhibit vibrations and cause strain to the player. You can prolong the life of your reed by rotating between 2-3 … No mould, always ready to play and the reeds last for ages. Solid, firm and durable oboe reed provides a long playing life. Not many. The plastic used is polypropylene, which is approved for use by the FDA for use in direct food contact applications, so these reeds are completely safe to use. The reed will warm up within the first few days of playing and will then be stable for an extended period of time. A handmade reed means a professional double reed player has made the reed from tube cane to ensure a proper balance of elements. Hi there, we're finding they last about as long as the single reeds, between a couple months or so and longer. How long will an oboe reed last? Read more about instruments, essential accessories, and instrument information you will need to get started! Buy a Légère Bassoon Reed Here Click here for a list of recommended handmade reeds. I expect there will be a few purists who will insist on cane, despite its obvious shortcomings, claiming that … It’s a pretty big investment for students to make. Each one can take me an hour or so to make and test, and only one in eight (a low hit rate … La Halle. As long as the reed is not cracked in the back, heart, or tip. The vibration of the reed is what creates the instrument’s sound. As a reed gets older it will start to become unstable and flat and should be replaced to avoid any strain on the player. This oboe reeds are playable as well as durable, these reeds are terrific for the beginning double reed player. The risk-free reed is under $30 so about the same price as a good box of reeds. Oboists do too. With a couple hours of reed making each week, and an instructor’s guidance, students can start to see consistency in as little as 3-6 months. How long will one Légère reed last? While the lifetime of the reeds differs based on the amount it is used, most musicians agree that with proper care, one Légère reed will last for months. Légère Oboe Reed, Medium Soft [BWV 731] - Liebster Jesu, wir sind hier 4K 60fps - Duration: 2:33. They'll last longer if kept in a proper case that is made for a reed. Update: In the last month (Oct. 2018) Légère has released new bassoon reeds in a Medium Hard strength. Legere Signature Reeds – From $38.99. I figured it would be better to know if I could make it into a long scrap reed and destroy it, than have a $150 oboe reed … However, I have had success with Alexander Superial reeds. This post contains some sponsored links from Amazon. I can play it, but not easily. This product has a strength of 2.5 and is capable of producing warm, rich tones in all registers. I’ve seen plenty of students carelessly remove reeds from containers or cases … I think they will wear fast if you blow hard , a hard legere will last longer than a soft one, and the more open the mouthpiece, the more the reed … An oboe reed case that retains the reeds … ( Log Out /  When a reed maker makes a handmade reed they have complete control over the quality of the reed. https://www.argendonax.com/product/e-horn-pro-reeds, VerticalScope Inc., 111 Peter, Suite 901, Toronto, Ontario, M5V 2H1, Canada. This is commonly known as “blowing out”. This reed follows the spectacular success of our Signature Series clarinet reeds, which have been hailed as a breakthrough in synthetic reeds. Most bassoon reeds will last … Good Performance: It can provide superior sound quality, and easy to use. Made of qualified bamboo stripe,, firm and durable to use, provides a long lifespan. I keep thinking I'll get round to vodka eventually, but I've still got a large bottle of mouthwash to use up first. Discontinued 1/4 strengths for Classic and Studio Cut; My strength has been discontinued - what should I play now? This particularity is sensitive to some warping over time, and if the shape or narrowness is lost, the “magic” of the oboe can be hard to recover. I have used them and they are very good. Players report a variety of lifetimes, but most agree that one Légère reed will last for months, not days … easily last long enough to be very economical compared to ordinary cane reeds. The company was founded in 1998 by Dr. In general my beginning oboe students use about 1 per month in their first year. Légère clarinet reeds respond instantly providing long-lasting, orchestral-grade sound, every time Manteau, doudoune, blouson Fille. When trying to build a strong foundation this can be quite frustrating for the player as these types of issues will cause pitch problems, stability issues, and fatigue. (They do not contain BPA!) Designed by Guy Légère in a collaboration with Christoph Hartmann of the Berlin Philharmonic, these reeds will last for months with proper care, providing a beautiful tone with no pre-moistening required. (They do … This synthetic reed should be good for years. The plastic used is polypropylene, which is approved for use by the FDA for use in direct food contact applications, so these reeds are completely safe to use. Altering Légère reeds … It is recommended to always have a couple of reeds on hand so you have a variety to choose from. Update: In the last month (Oct. 2018) Légère has released new bassoon reeds in a Medium Hard strength. For reasons unknown to me, the post from which I originally quoted has been removed, but there are similar thoughts expressed in a more recent post. The earliest types of single-reed instruments used idioglottal reeds, where the vibrating reed is a tongue cut and shaped on the tube of cane.Much later, single-reed instruments started using heteroglottal reeds, where a reed is cut and separated from the tube of cane and attached to a mouthpiece of some sort.By contrast, in an uncapped double reed instrument (such as the oboe and … At present, Legere is only making oboe reeds in one strength, and they do not recommend scraping or adjusting Légère reeds … Also, the tip of a reed is very thin and will be less likely to become damaged when it’s stored safely. The design allows for a warm, centered sound with ease of projection. Detailed Description: The European Cut Signature Series for Bb Soprano is the next advancement in Légère synthetic reed development. How many do I need? New oboe reed-2 hours of playing. Breaking In Period. The solution has a slight pink tint to it and is safe for the reed and the player. Every reed is different, but with adjustments, most oboe reeds will last about 10-15 hours of playing time for students. Since they’re more durable than conventional reeds, synthetic reeds are often preferred by marching bands or for use in other outdoor events. they will last a long time, but the corners … I took the plunge (even though it was European scrape) and received mine yesterday. I have one, which I do like, especially for doubling as I don't have to worry about the reed drying out if it sits on the stand too long between numbers (I use one on my bass clarinet for the same reason). Légère Classic Reeds – From $28.99. What about plastic reeds? Légère is pleased to introduce Signature Series technology for the Alto Sax. Are Légère reeds recyclable? Personally, I started with Vandoren reeds and have always come back to them as a personal choice. Episode 15 – Tim Elvy of Légère Reeds. Unless otherwise noted, the information in this article is original and COPYRIGHT PROTECTED. Reeds will slowly lose their function over … Disclaimer: As with all Clarineat reviews, this product was provided by Légère for review purposes. Below is a rough guideline for how long an oboe reed should be soaked based on its life cycle. Discussion Starter • #1 • Apr 13, 2017. They … He used it during a masterclass at IDRS 2013 and sounded extraordinary. My reeds are wet all the time in a sealed container with a sponge soaked in Listerine. I purchased the Legere oboe reed due to my curiosity, and I did not anticipate ever loving the reed as it was out of the box. You don’t need to do … The Classic Reed for Alto Saxophone has a thicker tip than other Légère Alto sax reeds and is designed to produce a darker sound. shipping: ... Long life span ; Only the most select cane is used in the Jones Artist reed. We have a … Ver más ideas sobre musica, maestro de musica, oboe. I do think it likely that, within my lifetime, I will see plastic single reeds take over in a big way. Reed Expression 5PCS Quality Oboe Reeds Medium Hard Cork Reeds German Style. Often the blend area will need to be smoother, allowing for more vibrations. Légère bassoon reeds On May 22, 2014 I began trialing a Legere synthetic bassoon reed - a reed I have long been interested in. Answer - Players report a variety of lifetimes, but most would agree that our reeds easily last long enough to make them a very economical choice in the long run. JavaScript is disabled. These reeds are also play-tested with final adjustments made to ensure the reed will be stable upon it’s arrival. Modifying the Reed. 8 Pieces Oboe Reed. Bassoon reeds, being even thicker, can last up to 2-3 months for students. I do not usually recommend reed making in middle school due the necessary focus and cost of tools. I use a cane reed for at least 4-6 months.

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