Thursday, 15 April 2021

Global competition is increasing the pressure on agriculture to produce high-quality, affordable food products. The grower who prospers in the future must use his resources productively, manage his risks wisely, and maximize his returns on the investments in his crops.
Fertilizers are an important investment each grower makes in his crops. In order to maximize his returns on this investment, he must balance the needs for N. P, and K with the crop’s requirements for the secondary and micronutrients. Without adequate amounts of each element available at each growth safe, the maximum potential of the crop cannot be achieved.
The Metalosate® products are a highly bioavailable form of micronutrients which are applied directly to the foliage of crops. The fact that they are amino acid chelated forms allows for superior uptake and usage by the plants they are applied to.The Metalosate products are also safe to apply at most stages of development, especially during sensitive developmental stages. The graphic below represents which products may be applied at the different stages of development to deciduous nut and fruit tree crops.

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