Thursday, 15 April 2021

How to Use

Metalosate® products are formulated for foliar application.

Metalosate products are formulated for application directly onto plants as a foliar spray. This bypasses the reactions in the soil which can make the elements unavailable. Research studies have shown that Metalosate chelated minerals go to work within hours of application. This means there is less chance of the nutrients being washed off by rain or overhead irrigation. Visual responses are often observed within a few days of treatment where severe deficiencies exist.

Metalosate products can be included in a total spray program on any crop. They can be tank mixed with most crop protection chemicals. All of the liquid Metalosate products are easy to measure and pour. Since there are no solubility problems they will not settle to the bottom of tanks or clog screens and nozzles. They are not abrasive and will not cause wear on spray equipment.


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