Thursday, 15 April 2021

Tips for Working with Metalosate® Organic

Initially, Metalosate Soluble Powders will require special mixing attention. Like any powder, Metalosate Soluble Powders have a tendency to clump when introduced to liquids. Because of this, we have taken every step possible within the requirements of National Organic Program to make these materials as user-friendly as possible.
Care should be taken to ensure that the materials are fully mixed and dispersed throughout the spray tank. One way to assure proper dispersion is to place the required amount of powder into a bucket of water. After fully mixing, the product can be added to the spray tank. You can then mix the next spray tank worth of powder in a bucket and let it hydrate while spraying the first load. This makes the mixing much easier.
Additional methods of dispersal include:
  • Use an inductor system.
  • Wash the product through the anti-splash screen on the top of the spray tank.
  • Add a small amount of organically approved mineral oil as a dispersing agent.

We hope this helps make your job a little easier and your day more productive.

If you should need anything further don’t hesitate to contact your local rep.

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